Bangalala is a vasodilator What's App +27730727287 This means that it caused blood vessels to widen and smooth muscle cells within the cell walls, to relax, allowing lood to flow more quickly. Bangalala is an aphrodisac and is used for the treatment of erectile Contraindications If using medication, discuss with your healthcare professional before use. Avoid use during pregnancy and lactation. The Bangalala (Eriosema kraussianum) root has a reputation of being a powerful sexual tonic. Bangalala is used as an aphrodisiac, notably to enhance male potency. It has been used for centuries by African men for sexual energy and potency. "Its efficacy probably has something to do with the fact that it appears to improve circulation, opening the veins and increasing blood circulation," says Ben-Erik van Week, A medicinal plant specialist and the professor of botany at the University of Johannesburg. It is only a matter of time before science gets round to examining what the traditional healers have sworn by for centuries. Be that as it may, whatever science may discover, in all probability it will not alter our behavior. Whenever have human beings sought scientific proof in the name of love? Directions for use: Place one heaped teaspoon of Bangalala in a Strain and add the mixture to a glass of milk or yoghurt. Call, What’s App, Call + 27730727287. Or Email:, You Tube: - Website: - Blogger: - Twitter; - Pinterest: - Google Website: - Facebook: -
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