WE PROVIDE THE BEST PROCEDURE FOR BG/SBLC AT THE LOWEST PRICE, LEASING IS 3+2 WHILE PURCHASE IS 38+2, DIRECT FROM HSBC AND BARCLAYS BANK PLC, LONDON. Contact: Mr Angus Campbell Provider's Mandate Email: ngus.cambell@yahoo.com Telephone: + 44-745-124-8191
Angus Campbell Europe, United Kingdom Jan 9, 2019
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We are direct provider for BGSBLC specifically for leasesales

We arrange Following Bank InstrumentsLetter of Credit LCFrom Various Banks in Singapore HongKong Europe USAUsed For Import Export Business and Trade Finance .90180DAYSBank Guarantee BG Fresh CutSlightly SeasonedSeasonedStand By Letter of Credit SBLC 90DAYS 180 365DAYSAwaiting your response.Best regards,RAMESH SUBRAMANIAM IYER Contact rsi.leaseconsultgmail.comSkype ID rsi.leaseconsult

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